FRUSTRATED Brad Scott is hoping his next UFC fight will give him the chance to fully express himself after he slipped to an agonising points defeat at London’s O2 Arena last weekend.

The Melksham middleweight took on Claudio Henrique da Silva on the preliminary card of UFC Fight Night 37.

But despite closing both of his opponent’s eyes with some vicious strikes, the 24-year-old eventually succumbed to the Brazilian’s awkward takedown attempts as he suffered a unanimous 29-28 decision.

The harsh call even prompted disbelief from UFC head honcho Dana White, who tweeted: “WHAT!!!!!!!? Who agrees with that decision!? [sic]” as Scott was handed the third defeat of his professional career.

But the Wiltshire star is determined to learn from his disappointing experience.

“It was so frustrating because I came to fight and my opponent didn’t – when I watched the fight back afterwards, it was even worse than I thought it was,” said Scott.

“I tried my best to not get taken down but even when he did get me to the floor, he didn’t do anything when I was there.

“You get points for takedowns in the UFC but it was just so frustrating because I’m there to fight and try to knock people out but he was just so nervous and trying to get through it.

“Dana White likes the way I fight, which is a good thing for me going forward. I emailed the UFC matchmaker, Joe Silva, about a re-match but they weren’t interested.

“Hopefully my next fight is against someone who wants to actually fight. Obviously, I’ve got to learn from this and I’ll hopefully go back out to the States to train and try and fight again in July.

“I want to try and put a bit more muscle on – when I fought Michael Kuiper (in November last year) I was a lot more muscular than I was last weekend.”