Weighing in at 13 stone and 36 inches tall, Chewie the Irish Wolfhound draws attention wherever he goes – and he is still growing.

The Crowther family, from Trowbridge, bought 18-month-old Chewie in December 2012 and have been recording his growth every month.

Chewie, named after the Star Wars character Chewbacca, already takes up the boot of their people carrier and cannot make it up the stairs of the family home because of his size. The breed only stops growing at two-and-a-half years old.

Chris Crowther, 42, a cyber security consultant, said: “The Irish Wolfhound Assoc-iation likes to keep data on how the dogs are doing because there are not many of them. We need to make sure there isn’t anything amiss because their joints are under enormous strain.”

His daughters Anwen, seven, Isobel, eight, and Colette, 11, all attend The Mead Primary School in Trowbridge and took part in My Science Fair on Sunday.

They used Chewie and their measuring records for their experiment, ‘Will Chewie be the biggest dog in the world?’.

Anwen said: “We didn’t win but he was very well behaved and people were taking pictures with him and asking us lots of questions.”

Mum Sarah, who works in the admin office at The Mead Primary School, said: “Lots of dog walkers know Chewie. He is a big softy, like a teddy bear, and is brilliant with the children. We love him.”