Those who Dorothy House Hospice Care helps live independently have received a potentially lifesaving donation from Selwood Housing.

The housing association has given 12 emergency alarm units to the organisation.

Jan Chivers, Selwood Lifeline co-ordinator, said “Selwood Lifeline units help people with care needs to live independently in their own homes, knowing they have access help at the touch of a button. We decided that we wanted to help Dorothy House because, like us, they help people to continue living independently.

“We initially provided six Lifeline units on a trial basis to see how they got on but the nurses at Dorothy House found them so useful they asked to take on another six.”

The hospice is now distributing the units across the region to those who they think will benefit most.

Gill Cannon, of the hospice, said: “At Dorothy House, we want to help people to continue living in their own home and so we are very pleased that Selwood Lifeline have helped 12 of our patients to do this.”

For further details email s.webster@selwoodhousing.

com or call(01225) 715907.