GREEN Party Deputy Leader, Coun Will Duckworth, visited Swindon to support local greens in their campaign for election.

Coun Duckworth was the first Green to be elected on to Dudley Council in the West Midlands, a region where support for the Green Party has grown in recent years.

He arrived with Green Party European candidates Molly Scott Cato and Audaye Elesedy, and met with members of the local Green Party, including prospective Swindon Council election candidates Talis Kimberley and Steve Thompson.

Coun Duckworth said: “I’m hoping to return to Swindon soon to celebrate two ‘firsts’.

“The Green Party is optimistic about achieving its first MEP in the south west.

“I also look forward to celebrating the election of the first Greens on to Swindon Borough Council.“ Steve Thompson, who is the prospective Green Party candidate for Gorsehill and Pinehurst Ward, said: “On every subject from flood avoidance to supporting local shopping for local people I'm confident that we in the Green Party have a fresh perspective to offer.”