An inquisitive group of girls have turned sleuth as they investigate the science of how their bodies function with a series of experiments.

Over several weeks, the Brownies of the 1st Ogbourne pack have been recording their pulse rate before and after exercise, seeing the effects of pressure with foot impressions on soft or hard surfaces and learning about teeth.

They learned about types of teeth and what each one does, then tested their taste buds while chewing slices of wholemeal bread.

The experiment with the human digestive system proved popular.

Crushing Weetabix into a funnel, teams added water, simulating digestive enzymes that would break down their meals, before passing the mix through tubing representing bowels.

Hannah Sidey, seven, said: “It was fun to learn about the digestive system, which was really gooey, which I didn’t know about before.”

In coming weeks the girls will create lava lamps and build their own volcanos after visiting @Bristol’s science-themed activity zones.

Tawny Owl Jacqui Miles said: “We try to inspire the girls to look at science more closely.”