Chippenham pupil Dylan Wiltshire will go outside of his comfort zone for world autism awareness day when he will be the only person to wear a onesie to school.

Ten-year-old Dylan, of Fairfoot Close, Chippenham, has Asperger’s and is a pupil at Queen’s Crescent School, which his brothers Jadan, eight, and Noah, seven, also attend.

He is fundraising for The National Autistic Society after his mother Natalie received support from the North Wiltshire branch and he has already collected £175.

Mrs Wiltshire, 35, said her son loves computers and after deciding to take part in Wednesday’s awareness day he went out and bought an Angry Birds onesie.

She said: “I think it’s so brave of him to be putting himself out of his comfort zone.

“He’s not a big fan on dressing up days at school because it can be a bit of a shift in his routine.

“He hates onesies as a whole, he won’t wear them to bed. He’s not a fan of the fact that it’s an all-in-one thing. He’s got a special one for this, which he will probably never wear again.

“It has made me proud that he has the willingness to do this, he’s willing to stand out and be different and say ‘that’s ok’.”

The National Autistic Society is the UK’s leading charity for people affected by autism and it supports 1,378 adults through social and independent living every year.

Dylan was diagnosed with Asperger’s when he began at Queen’s Crescent and now Mrs Wiltshire volunteers as a fundraiser for the school to thank staff for their support.

She said: “You have inklings, but the doctors just said wait and see as he grows up.

“It was actually his school that helped me get his diagnosis. When he was at school it was picked up on that he had issues. The school has been fantastic and has helped him so much.

“He’s got his teaching assistant at all times so he gets support in everything. The school is always willing to make little adjustments if he needs something.

“With a lot of disabilities there are physical things that you can see, but autism is very much a hidden disability. It’s one people don’t understand and it’s really nice to raise awareness for it.”

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