Mum Clare Haggen has her hands full with two sons with ADHD and a young daughter, but says the help she has received from Devizes and District Opportunity Centre has helped to keep her sane.

Ms Haggen, of Wilsford Road, North Newnton, near Pewsey, moved to Wiltshire two years ago with her partner Robert Powell and their children Samuel, ten and Nathan, four. Erin was born 18 months ago.

Samuel was given support to attend Rushall Primary School, but Nathan found it difficult to cope with a mainstream nursery.

He was referred to the opportunity centre and now attends its satellite nursery at Tidworth two mornings a week.

They are helping to prepare him for life at Rushall and his parents expect him to start there five mornings a week after the Easter break.

Ms Haggen said: “They have helped Nathan a lot by using different techniques to keep him calm and focused. I have been taught the techniques as well so I can try and use them at home.

“Sometimes it works for me and sometimes it doesn’t. But he is much better than he was. When he and Samuel are together it can get a bit mad. They can really wind each other up and it can be chaotic. I just have to try and stay calm and not shout.

“Going to the district centre and meeting other mums for a chat and a cup of tea helps keep me sane. Life can be very hectic as Nathan is often awake at 4am and then he wakes Samuel up too.”

Ms Hagen and her partner are to be married in May and the two boys will be page boys and Erin a bridesmaid.

Ms Haggen said: “We are really looking forward to it. The boys should be okay as long as they don’t get bored.”