SWINDON Wildcats Supporters Club have launched a desperate last minute plea to help them get to the play-offs in Coventry tomorrow.

After being inundated with requests to provide a coach to the crucial game, the club are seeking a sponsor to come forward to help them pay for travel to and from the match.

Cathy O’Regan, of the supporters club, said: “We have had a number of requests to organise a coach to take fans to the game in Coventry.

“Unfortunately it is not cheap. In order to maximise the support and keep the costs down we are looking for a sponsor to subsidise the cost of the coach. Without a sponsor we may need to cancel as we cannot afford to subsidise the coach ourselves.”

Jack Leahy, 27, has been tasked with organising the trip in just two days.

“The problem came about because we were not sure what was happening with the match, so it has ended up being a very last minute thing,” he said.

“I have got quite a few people who have signed up to go already, and there are 22 confirmed. Nothing has come forward from the Wildcats themselves to help us out. They take their own two buses, which they use for the players and to transport their kit and stuff.

“The club used to put on buses for the supporters club but it ended up being too expensive for them to run. It came in at £600 a game for them to take us along.

“They were getting 10 vans on and only getting £100 for the people going along, so it just wasn’t viable for them. Until they can get more vans and supporters along, we have got to do it another way.”

A coach has been arranged, but funds are still scarce.

“The coach is due to be leaving at 2.30pm on Sunday, and we are looking for an extra 10 people to fill the seats,” said Jack.

“We have had to arrange a coach with Barnes Coaches and we just need for somebody to come forward and sponsor it. We are not talking big money by any means. Barnes have already offered us a reduction of £50, and that is the most they can do.

“All they are asking from us is to get someone to come and sponsor the coach. They would get a free seat on the way up there and of course a mention at the game itself.”