Liberal Democrat Terry Gibson has filled the vacant Hardens and England ward seat on Chippenham Town Council, receiving more than half of the vote in a by-election last Thursday.

Coun Gibson, whose wife is Chippenham’s Mayor, was elected by 51.6 per cent of those who voted. Turn-out was 22 per cent (686 people).

The 70-year-old was standing against Conservative candidate Anthony Milner, 31, who picked up 31.5 per cent of the votes, and David Barter, 51, who had hoped to be Labour’s only member on the council, received 16.9 per cent.

A former electronics engineer with the army, Mr Gibson, who lives in Carnarvon Close, said his top priorities were: getting Wiltshire Unitary Council to follow up on their responsibilities; ensuring roads and pavements are brought up to a better standard, re-installing one hour free parking in the town centre; revitalising the town for businesses and residents and ensuring young people have the opportunity to express their needs.

Fellow Lib Dem town councillor Bill Douglas said: “The Lib Dem vote was more than the others put together, which shows that the Lib Dems working for this town are appreciated by its people.”