NO EXPENSE was spared for a little girl with show-stopping ambitions who arrived at her funeral in a horse-drawn carriage.

Crowds of adults and young children wearing pink turned out to St Mary’s Church in Rodbourne Cheney yesterday to say goodbye to Caitlin Hunt, who was killed in a tragic accident last month.

The popular nine-year-old arrived at the church at around noon in a hearse drawn by two black horses flanked by dozens of her friends from Rodbourne Cheney Primary School.

Her baby pink coffin, which was scattered with a spray of roses, was carried by two men dressed in pink and blue into the church to the sound of Roar by Katy Perry. Ahead of her coffin walked two young boys carrying a portrait of the little girl.

During the service, Caitlin’s family paid tribute to a talented child who had dreams of becoming a professional singer.

Rector Nick Lines, who led the ceremony, said: “Caitlin loved painting, loved making things, reading, singing, dancing. Caitlin was singing since she was six months old. She wanted to go on X-Factor but when she found out she had to be 16 before she could do that she set her sights on Britain’s Got Talent.”

This Is Wiltshire: Caitlin Hunt

The congregation also heard how she had a habit of borrowing her mum Claire’s CDs, playing with her mum’s make-up and dressing up.

Nick said: “Caitlin loved dressing up and often changed up to four times a day, leaving her clothes in a heap where she stood.”

The congregation also heard how much Caitlin loved her holidays with her family in Cornwall.

Nick said: “Her dad remembers her for her strong mindedness and how she would let everyone know that she was up because of the way she would walk around. Her dad called her his fairy elephant.

“She loved food, and was always hungry.”

Caitlin died last month after she was hit by a bus in Moredon Road near Blair Parade. Despite their best efforts, paramedics and passers-by were unable save the Rodbourne Cheney Primary School pupil – lovingly known as Cake Tin by her family.

The ceremony was followed by a committal at Kingsdown Crematorium. The family invited all to join them afterwards at Rodbourne Cheney Working Men’s Club.