Fire crews tackled a roof blaze at a detached house in Tin Pit, Marlborough, this afternoon.

The fire service received a call alerting them to the fire at 3.47pm and two pumps were sent out.

On route, crews were told that it was a roof fire and two further pumps and an aerial appliance were requested.

The owner of the house was in the kitchen when the fire started but managed to escape unharmed.

Marlborough, Ramsbury and Wootoon Bassett station manager Paul Jarmey said: "The first pump in attendance was met with a well developed roof fire.

"The fire was rapidly bought under control due to the weight of response from the fire service and our initial actions meant a significant proportion of the property was saved."

The fire was confined to the roof and the cause is currently being investigated.

A water pipe burst during the fire causing some flooding on the ground floor.

Crews expect to have left the scene by 7pm.