Children and parents at Sunny Days Pre-school in Lyneham tracked down eggs hidden by the Easter bunny and took part in a bonnet parade last week.

The Easter bunny left a note for children, who followed clues and footprints to the field at Lyneham Primary School where they found the scattered eggs.

Parents also took part in the bonnet parade, using pipe cleaners to make decorations.

Pre-school manager Jean Rimmer organised the event on March 27 as an end-of-term event.

The pre-school, by Lyneham Primary School, Preston Lane, opened in January this year and looks after 60 children between the ages of three and five.

Mrs Rimmer, who started as manager in February, said: “I just thought it would be a nice way of getting to know the parents.

“The Easter bunny joined in afterwards and gave them a reward of chocolate lollies and they sang him a song. The feedback from the parents was really positive, I was surprised how much they enjoyed it.”