LAWN Primary School became the breeding ground for superheroes on Tuesday when pupils took part in a special design technology event.

Youngsters teamed up with their parents after school to design and make a superhero cape using materials and techniques they learned in their lessons.

They then competed for the best cape, which was eventually won by Super Caterpillar and the best superhero name went to Elemantis.

Luisa Henstridge, who teaches design technology at the school, said: “It’s becoming a bit of an annual event at Lawn.

“This year the event was to use different textiles and fabrics and put them together with staples and Sellotape and we had a glue gun to make a super hero cape and come up with a super hero name.

“And they had 30 minutes to design the cape and to make it.

“It went really well it was so lovely to see the children working with their parents and really enjoying themselves.

“One boy was there with his dad and it was just them having some time together, grandparents came along to work with their grandchildren.

“It is an event just to increase the knowledge of DT and it’s a good way for family members to get involved with what the children are doing in school.