Neighbours have vowed to oppose plans for up to 270 homes between Melksham and Bowerhill, which developers say will help the town meet its housing requirements.

Scottish developer Mactaggart and Mickel presented their plans to local people at Christie Miller Sports Centre on Wednesday.

Ian and Andrea Perks’ home on Mallory Close would back onto the new estate, and they will oppose any plan to build on land many locals regard as a buffer zone to separate Bowerhill from Melksham itself.

Mr Perks said: “We are not too happy. At the moment we look out on a lovely field. We see deer in the morning.

“We are both teachers, and know how our schools are struggling with larger class sizes.

“How will Melksham be able to provide for all these extra families and children?”

Mactaggert and Mickel’s land manager Louise Seaman said the plans had received a mixed response.

She said: “This is a very, very initial plan. There has been a degree of resistance, which was to be expected, but also people have recognised there are 950 dwellings that need to be found in the Melksham area, which will need to go somewhere.

“These plans are for up to 270 homes, but there will be a range of factors that will influence the exact number.

“The next step will be the planning application, which will go in early summer, once we have had time to consider the responses to this consultation.”

The plans will stay on display at the sports centre until April 11