pupils filmed at their new school in Burma shouted “thank you Wootton Bassett.”

The heartfelt message by 220 pupils came after the school was built thanks to £15,000 raised by Royal Wootton Bassett Academy students.

The school in Tamu, north western Burma, is situated 90 miles into a restricted zone, in a centre known for drug and human trafficking.

It is hoped it will equip youngsters with the knowledge they need to break the cycle of poverty – a hallmark of the country which has been ruled by a military junta for years.

The Academy has been fundraising for the Stand By Me charity’s ambitious project to provide the school in an area where 40 per cent of children have no access to education.

Teacher Hester McCunn, who headed up the fundraising campaign said: “When we got involved with the project, the school only had a piece of bare land and said it needed £15,000 for a building.

“We started fundraising and every time we reached £1,000 we sent the money, so the students have seen their money grow as the school is built.

“I am so proud of all the things the students have been doing to raise this money.”

Fundraising events, included a Stand By Me cookbook of favourite recipes, coffee mornings, a staff triathlon, concerts, cake sales and sponsored events. Stand By Me representative Ahmad, who recently presented a commemorative plaque to Academy headteacher George Croxford said: “No other school has raised so much money to help the people of Burma. You should be very proud.

“The Burmese children were thrilled to be filmed. It took me 15 minutes to teach them to say Wootton Bassett. “You raised the money and you have made a difference.”

Mr Croxford said : “I think it’s absolutely amazing what has been achieved. “It’s so good to see them wanting to help someone else who hasn’t got the things that they take for granted.”