Campaigners against plans to build 77 homes in Malmesbury spoke at a second appeal last week to highlight why they feel it would be detrimental to the town.

Town and Wiltshire councillor Simon Killane, mayor John Gundry and resident and long-time campaigner William Allbrook were among those speaking against the White Lion Land development in front of the Planning Inspectorate in Chippenham.

This is the second appeal by the developer to build 77 homes and a community building off Park Road and it has been called-in by the planning minister, who will make the final decision.

Mr Allbrook, who attended the opening day of the appeal, said no-one in the town wanted the houses and the road there was too narrow and suffers flooding.

The plans were first refused in 2011 and an appeal was dismissed the next year.

The new plans were refused in October 2012 and saw 117 letters of opposition.