WORK to upgrade the town’s sewer system ahead of a decade of development is progressing as planned and should be completed by the summer.

Thames Water is in the process of a multi-million pound project centered around Cheney Manor which will also prevent flooding to a number of properties within the area.

The works, which started last October, has led to disruption for motorists around the Bruce Street Bridges, but the company has said it will be to the town’s benefit in the long-run.

One more road closure is planned, with the entrance to the Cheney Manor Industrial Estate expected to be shut for several weeks from the middle of April.

Much of the work has been near the B&Q car park next to the Great Western Way. The work has involved laying an overflow pipe underground so during periods of heavy rain, any excess water will go into that and go directly into the storm tank within Swindon Sewage Treatment Works, rather than back up into the existing network and potentially into homes and businesses.

Thames Water, which has spent just under £7 million on the scheme, has also laid and upsized new sewer pipes around the Iris Redman Gardens and Rodbourne Road area.

Further along Cheney Manor Road, the company has been working on a new pumping station to improve how sewage flows through the network and help it reach the nearby sewage treatment works.

The overall works are designed to have Swindon’s sewage system in a position to deal with any growth in population up until 2026.

Thames Water head of programme delivery, Mark Taylor, said: “We’re pleased with how our work in Cheney Manor is progressing and would like to thank local residents and road users for their patience as we know this job has caused its fair share of disruption. “We’re upgrading the sewer network to help people who’ve had the horrible experience of sewage flooding their homes, and to prevent others having to go through that misery, so it’s essential work which had to be done.

“We’re on track to finish the scheme in August by which time Cheney Manor will have sewers fit to cope, not only with wastewater from today’s expanding population, but for years into the future.”

The final road works are expected to begin on April 21 and last until the middle of May.