PARKINSON’S sufferer Dave Logan did not allow his condition to hold him back as he swam the equivalent of the length of the English Channel to fund therapeutic exercise classes in Swindon.

The chairman of the Parkinson’s UK Swindon and district branch completed the last half kilometre of his 34km ‘crossing’ at Blunsdon House Leisure Club on Tuesday.

The challenge, set to coincide with Parkinson’s Awareness Week, allowed him to secure £1,075 of the £5,000 needed to cover the cost of a new balance excercise course for members of the charity in Swindon.

“Exercise is the only thing that slows down the degeneration and progress of the condition so it’s important to keep mentally and physically active,” said the 66-year-old from Liden.

“I did the 34km over two months. Parkinson’s affects my right-hand side. When I swim my right leg tends to drag and my fingers open so it’s difficult.

“I swam three or four times a week and started off doing half or three qurters of a kilometer. The most I did was 1.5km. But towards the end I started doing less because my leg was uncooperative.”

Supporters dressed as ‘Frenchmen’ with garlic rings around their necks patriotically singing the Marseillaise stood at one end of the pool during the final stretch of the daunting swim.

“I had never done anything like this on my own before,” he added. “It was quite a challenge.”

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