Scaffolding in Warminster High Street is due to come down next week, after almost two years of complaints about the “eyesore” from residents and councillors in the town.

Residents in Warminster have repeatedly registered dismay at the scaffolding in front of 1-3 High Street, which many considered to be having a detrimental impact on the town.

Councillor Andrew Davis met the agents of the building, Haycocks High Performance Property, in November last year and was told that the internal work required to ensure the building’s safety had been carried out and the scaffolding could be removed.

However, due to a series of setbacks experienced by the agents, not all of the deadlines originally promised could be met and residents were once again left questioning when the scaffolding would be removed.

Cllr Davis said: “I am relieved to have heard from the agents and we have had an assurance that they hope to start work on the scaffolding in the next week and have it down before Easter.

“After such a long period of time, it is one eyesore I am hoping will be removed from the High Street. The agents told me they had difficulties with some of their other developments around the country.

“We had a meeting in November when they promised it would be gone by the end of January, but due to delays that didn’t happen.

"They have been paying to keep the scaffolding up to keep it safe, as some of the work can’t be done until they start taking the scaffolding down.

“They have not breeched any rules as it’s a private building and a private developer, so it has been out of the council’s control. It will now be a gradual reduction of the scaffolding as they finish off the rest of the safety work.”

The last use of the shop on the ground floor was as a YMCA charity shop and Cllr Davis said the agent has been actively looking for a retailer to take it on board, but no offers have yet been forthcoming.