Police have blocked access to a Westbury trading estate, after a possible unexploded shell was unearthed.

Officers and bomb disposal experts from the MOD have been called to the Aston Barclay auction site in Brook Lane this evening.

Chief Inspector Charlie Dibble said he could not be sure what the item was, but that he did not belive it was dangerous.

“We have what looks like a military-type shell being unearthed by one of the vehicles", he said.

“DOD are going to have a look at it and as a precaution we have put a cordon around it, but from our initial examinations and photographs we don’t think it’s suspicious.

“We think it will be a training round, but being police officers we are not qualified to make that call, so we will wait to see what the military say."

The road is currently closed, with a 200m exclusion zone set up in both directions on Brook Lane.