A Chippenham woman who has lived through two world wars celebrated a century of birthdays with 45 friends and family members.

Popular Mabel Humphries, born Say, received 56 birthday cards on Friday, not even counting the one from the Queen.

Mrs Humphries, was born in Biddestone and brought up in Weaver’s Cottages next to the post office in Corsham, did not have a television until she was married and did not have a car until her daughter Kay was married in 1959.

“We had great fun, we could play out on the street because there were no cars,” she said.

“I was free, you could run where you wanted to. The horse and cart used to deliver the milk.”

She became Mabel Humphries at the age of 24, after meeting Tom while working as a barmaid in the Little George pub in Chippenham.

“It was Bonfire night,” she said. “He came in to play darts and when the pub closed he took me to see the fireworks in the park.”

Mrs Humphries lived in Lowden in Chippenham 60 years, half of which she spent with her husband, who worked on the railways delivering goods, before he passed away in 1981.

Mrs Humphries, who now lives in Avon Court at Rowden Hill, remained at home until she was 98.

She has three children – David, Roy and Kay Barnett - eight grandchildren, 15 great grandchildren and three great great grandchildren, and says having her family around has kept her young and in good health.

She was also a keen walker and would often walk the six miles from Chippenham to Neston.

She said: “I’ve had a very happy life. My happiest moment was when my grandchildren were born. That was the loveliest time, because you haven’t got full responsibility.”

She has enjoyed sewing and playing bowls in John Coles Park, and used to holiday at the seaside near Weymouth, where her brother lived.