Triumph and Menlo continue maintain a silence over the the redundancies announced there on Monday.

Each firm declined to comment any further on the story yesterday, with more doubt cast on any future for the lingerie manufacturer in Swindon.

It has been confirmed the distribution centre run for Triumph by Menlo will be closed in June, but whether it means no future at all for the brand is unclear.

As the news spread across the town yesterday North Swindon MP Justin Tomlinson, said: “This is very worrying and distressing news for the employees, and myself and Robert Buckland MP, will endeavour to secure clarification from the company.

“And if it is indeed bad news, then we will offer our support to those affected.”

Clair Prosser, the policy executive at Swindon Chamber of Commerce, said: “It is of course unfortunate that Triumph International has chosen to move its distribution centre to France, which will inevitably lead to redundancies.

“However, with the upturn in the economy and expected investment in the town leading to further vacancies becoming available, we would be confident that those affected will be able to find alternative employment.”

Unite is the union best represented at Triumph, and is expected to be at the centre of future negotiations regarding the job losses.

The regional co-ordinating officer for Swindon, Jim D’Avila, said: “It demonstrates how fragile any economic recovery is going to be. It reflects the ever-changing job market in terms of the type of work affected.

“Triumph is a manufacturing business that needs skilled workers, as a result its pay is generally higher, both for assembly workers and the technical staff there.”