Householders Rob and Frankie Jones say their house is starting to break up because the main road alongside is in such need of repair.

The couple, both former town councillors, say they can feel their home in London Road, Chippenham, shaking when a bus or lorry goes past.

Mrs Jones said: “The stonework around the windows is moving out of place.”

She has lived there 20 years but said in the last three they have started to feel the house shake as bad weather has caused the road to deteriorate and break up.

Mr Jones, 50, a director of Caterfix Kitchens, said: “When a bus goes by, the computer screen moves an inch.”

They want Wiltshire Council to dig up the road, which at the moment is a patchwork of filled-in potholes.

“It is a main thoroughfare with great big heavy duty lorries. It’s pointless doing any maintenance to the house until the whole surface is repaired,” said Mrs Jones, 60.

“They did it at the top by the Three Crowns for the Olympic torch coming through, but not here. I said [back then], ‘when are you going to fix this road because my house is going to fall down’, and the council officer said it wasn’t a priority.”

They got Wiltshire Councillor Bill Douglas involved and it was put onto the Community Area Transport Group’s list of imminent jobs, to be done in last August. But then he noticed it had dropped off the list. Coun Douglas said: “I said what’s happened here? This is the A4, the main road into the town.”

Wiltshire Council says it was postponed for British Gas to do some work.

A spokesman said: “We have listened to the concerns of local people and we plan to resurface this stretch of road this coming year. It was originally planned for 2013/14, however we were made aware of utility works which would be digging up the highway and it made sense to wait until they had finished.”

The town council will write to Wiltshire Council to request the work be carried out urgently.