A NORTH Swindon man has denied using racist and threatening behaviour towards a teacher in front of pupils at a school earlier this year.

Jasvinder Singh, 44, of Thresher Drive, denied the charge this afternoon at Swindon Magistrates Court.

He said he had been provoked with racial abuse from pupils.

The case will now go to a full trial at Chippenham Magistrates Court on August 5.

It is alleged that on January 21 Singh entered the school and started using abusive language towards pupils.

Following this he is then accused of using threatening language towards a teacher who approached him.

The severity of the incident is said to be such that the teacher feared he was in danger of being physically assaulted.

Because of the language apparently used by Mr Singh during the incident, it is being treated as racially aggravated.

He has been charged with a breach of section 4 of the Crime and Disorder Act.

However, Singh says this is not an accurate version of events and in fact he had been abused first by pupils from the school.

During the pre-hearing it emerged there was some background to the incident.

As a result of Singh’s plea, a full hearing will now take place in which evidence from the teacher, another witness and several of the teachers will be heard.

District Judge Simon Cooper said: “I have reviewed all the evidence and read the files.

“I can see you have very strong views on this case and I can see why you have pleaded not guilty.

“Because of this we will go for a full hearing where the evidence can be heard.”

The date of the trial has been put back so many months because the children giving evidence are still at school.

As a result they are currently taking part in exams so the trial date is set so as not to interfere.

Singh has been released on unconditional bail until the date of the trial.