Ghurka enthusiast Roy Booth was heartened by the support he received when he set up a stall at Sainsbury’s in Devizes on Saturday appealing for financial aid to retired Ghurkas.

Mr Booth, 83, from Victoria Road, Devizes, has been fascinated by the Nepalese soldiers since receiving a talk at school by a Ghurka officer. Next year is the bicentenary of the regiment and Mr Booth is trying to set up a Ghurka support committee.

He was delighted with the response on Saturday when he was accompanied by members of the Ghurka Veterans’ Association, all of whom live away from the area.

Mr Booth said: “It is amazing the number of people locally who have connections with the Ghurkas.

“We even had a couple who spent their honeymoon in Nepal, close to a garrison of Ghurkas.”

He added: “We don’t know how much we raised from our collection until it is all counted out at HQ but I would happily do it again.

“Next year it will be 200 years the Ghurkas have been fighting and dying next to our boys and we would really like to make it a big occasion in Devizes.”

To help contact Mr Booth on (01380) 722145.