Cusromers of Sainsbury’s in Chippenham have donated more Easter eggs than ever before in a collection for the Salvation Army.

About 500 eggs, or five trolley loads, were given by generous customers at the Bath Road store to go to the town’s food bank.

Store manager Paul Gunter said: “The amount of donations this year has been amazing, we have received more than ever before. It shows great support for our local community.

“I would like to thank all of our customers who donated.”

Store community champion Michelle Perry said: “We chose that charity because if people can’t afford food they’re not going to be able to afford an Easter egg.”

The eggs were taken over to the Salvation Army at Foghamshire yesterday to be distributed with food parcels.

Salvation Army Corps assistant Margaret Boyd said: “It was a complete surprise to get a call to say Sainsbury’s had a trolley load of Easter eggs, which customers had donated for needy people in Chippenham.”