FAMILIES in Walcot took advantage of the sunny weather on Saturday and attended a fun day at the Restore Charity shop.

There were lots of games for children to enjoy, as well as refreshments and a bouncy castle.

The charity also used the day to let people demonstrate their own arts and crafts talents by giving them displays at the event at St John’s Hall.

Sam Rawling, Restore’s Assistant Project Manager, said: “This is a great day for everyone to come down and enjoy themselves but at the same time raise a bit of money and find out what we do.

“We have had days like this before but we wanted to give people the chance to show off what they can do so have made it an arts and craft fair as well.

“There has been a really good turnout so I think we are all pleased with how it has gone. There are three more events planned throughout the year, with the next one in May.

“What would be really good is if some of the local businesses have something they can donate for our raffle prizes.”

To find out more about Restore or to donate a prize call 01793 978045 or email info@swindonrestore.co.uk