Calne Town Council will give the Beversbrook Sports Facility £12,000 for two new pieces of equipment, including a machine to tackle waterlogged pitches.

The authority will buy a £8,500 Shockwave machine to enable better pitch drainage, as well as a £3,500 dual sand and fertiliser spreader.

Last year 145 games at Beversbrook were affected by waterlogged pitches, meaning teams had to use the 3G all-weather pitches or cancel their games.

The loss of revenue from these lost games has been estimated at £6,000.

Facility manager Kevin Whitehorn said: “The Shockwave literally shocks compacted soil and breaks it down, enabling the water to filter down to the pitch drainage system.

“It has been trialled at Beversbrook and proved to be extremely effective, returning waterlogged pitches to a playable condition in a very short space of time.”

The facility, which supports 48 home teams, was named the IOG Grass Roots Sports Ground of the Year 2013 in December.

Town councillor Paul Venton said: “We have already been able to prove we can keep the pitches open longer than others because we have a dedicated team up there, but we will still need to provide that team with those things they need.

“Once we have finished with the device I’m sure we can loan it at a fee. I suspect that’s something that’s going through the minds of staff at Beversbrook.”