SELF-proclaimed non-walkers Lisa and Ali Williams will put their stamina and endurance to the test as they walk 25 miles along Hadrian’s Wall in support of the thousands of women affected each year by ovarian cancer.

The couple, from Ash Brake, were inspired to take on the gruelling challenge from July 11 to 13 for the charity Target Ovarian Cancer after seeing family friend Tracey Toop battle the condition with courage and optimism.

Over the past four months, they have stopped at nothing to secure donations, writing letters to potential sponsors, holding stalls and more recently a fundraising evening at Lydiard Park Conference Centre- collecting £1,625 in the process.

“My mum’s friend Tracey was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and given two years to live over two years ago, “ said Lisa, 32, a painter-decorator in Cirencester.

“She is just in her 40s. It was upsetting to hear. She has been an inspiration and she has been fighting and fighting. She is always smiling when you see her. That’s why we chose this charity.

“We are not walkers and we have never done any hikes but if she has gone through what she has than we can do it.”

A total of 7,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year.

Some of the symptoms are similar to those seen in conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which can make it difficult for GPs to diagnose. In the UK 1 in 50 women will develop ovarian cancer during their lifetime.

Ali, 32, said: “A lot of money goes to breast cancer charities but not so much to ovarian cancer and people don’t know much about ovarian cancer.”

“You often don’t know you have it until it has spread. Nearly always it is too late when it’s diagnosed.”

Despite having taken up walking over the last few month thanks to the arrival of their energetic puppy Rollo, the steep Northern landscape will prove challenging, as will its capricious weather.

“We will be doing 15 miles on the 12th and 10 miles on the 13th but I am more worried about the second day.

“If you already have jelly legs having to go back and do another 10 miles it will be hard,” said Ali.

To sponsor Ali and Lisa go on Ali-LisaWilliams.