Police are planning to mount an operation this summer to address the anti-social behaviour that plagues residents who live near The Green in Devizes.

Each year The Green becomes a mecca for mainly young people to hang out, chat and play music during the long light evenings and warm weather.

But these get-togethers often end in alcohol abuse, excessive noise and sometimes violence. The amount of litter left behind has also become a problem.

Sgt Joanne Spencer, from Devizes police, said this week the neighbourhood policing team will be looking at the situation and police patrols will be stepped up.

Sgt Spencer said: “In the summer months The Green is strewn with rubbish left lying around and stereos played too loud. They don’t realise how loud they are and it causes misery to local householders.

“Children are kept awake and it is just not acceptable. It is not just young people who are involved. There are older people too.”

In previous years The Green has been the centre of under-age drinking as well, with adults allegedly buying alcohol for children.

A resident of Southbroom Road, who has asked not to be identified, said the summer months were dreaded. They said: “Last year we had a good summer and the nights became unbearable as we had to leave windows open, which let the noise in.

“It is not just the music. As they get more drunk, the shouting gets louder and the language is unbelievable.

“The mess left on the grass the next morning is a real blot on the landscape.”

Noel Woolrych, of the Devizes Community Safety Partnership ,said litter on The Green came up as a priority in every community consultation exercise.

He said: “From young to old everyone agrees it is an absolute eyesore. There are 16 bins around The Green so why people cannot clear up after themselves is a mystery. The police issued a number of fixed penalty tickets for littering last summer.”

Mr Woolrych said he had not heard of any recent reports of anti-social behaviour but added: “That doesn’t mean it is not happening.”