Scout volunteer Peter Povey is getting ready to head to Windsor Castle after being awarded the Bar to the Silver Acorn in recognition of his service.

The 68-year-old, of Barrow Close, in Marlborough, is the district chairman of the North East Wiltshire Scouts and will attend the National Scout Service and Parade on Sunday with his wife Val.

He said: “It’s was a surprise and a huge honour to be nominated and I also think it recognises the work by others members because we work as a team.

“It’s exciting to be going to Windsor Castle. There will be a member of the Royal family there but we don’t know who that will be yet – last year it was the Duchess of Cambridge.”

Mr Povey, who is a grandfather of six, has been involved with the Scouts for 35 years and held various positions, including district treasurer.

Six years ago he was awarded the Silver Acorn but was unable to attend the service because he was flying to Dubai on the same day for a work conference.

He said: “Group Scout leader Peter Banyard took my son John to Cubs in Marlborough and said they needed a treasurer and asked if I would do it for six months, and here I am now, I’ve been involved with the Scouts ever since.

“I love this community and I think we are lucky to be here.”

The ceremony on Sunday is to celebrate the achievements of young Scouts and adult volunteers and Mr Povey will be officially awarded the Bar to the Silver Acorn in July.

Mr Povey is not the only member of the North East Wiltshire Scouts to have his work recognised. Deputy chairman Stephen Chandler and county treasurer Christopher Pope have both been awarded the Silver Wolf and district treasurer Richard Holmes has been given the Silver Acorn.