COTSWOLD Club unleashed a seven-team raid on the Midlands Flyball Scene in Evesham.

The Malmesbury-based club picked up two firsts, two seconds, two thirds and a fourth.

The Typhoons’ team of Cerys, Reuben, Rona and Dillan set the pace by winning all their six matches in an expanded Division Eight to take first.

The Gales followed this up by winning their five matches in the Novice Division. Poppet ran in her first competion and was highly impressive and was ably supported by Lexie and Jasper, with young dog Darragh also impressing in his second competition.

The Sundowners took a creditable second in Division Nine, especially as veteran dog Kelli was harrassed by an opposing team’s dog during a run and had to retire.

The club’s top team, the Cylones, had a mixed day, running very fast times but a degree of inconsistency and a dubious judging decision saw them take third place in Division Four when first or second was on the cards.

In Division Eight, the Zephyrs achieved a very hard-fought second place, winning a three-way tie because of their fastest time, very rapid Lurcher Boo overcoming a knock to complete the day and see the team though after an injury ruled out Mist.

The Scirroccos competing with sister team the Mistrals in Division Seven came out on top taking third place over their siblings fourth, thanks to a win in the head-to-head match.