Extreme sport enthusiasts showed off their skills in the first round of this year’s Wiltshire Skate Series.

RampNation, the indoor skate park in Devizes, hosted the event on Saturday, as more than 70 enthusiasts took part.

Skateboarders, inliners, BMX and scooter riders, aged 11 to 40, came from across the county to compete.

James Threlfall, one of the organisers, said: “It was our best turn out ever; not just those taking part but the amount watching. It was so good to see the park so full.

“The standard of riding was second to none.”

Mr Threlfall, 20, a skateboarder from Edington, was involved in setting up the Wiltshire Skate Series when he was 14.

He said: ”The riders are scored on their tricks and it’s a balance between technicality and consistency.

“They have to make their tricks look as stylish as possible; it’s almost like gymnastics on skateboards. It’s open to interpretation. Riders can express themselves.”

The next round will be at the Marlborough Skate Park on May 17, with a final to be held in Melksham.

RampNation co-owner Lucy Wain said: “The stunts these riders do are incredible. They seem to pull the stops out for it. One of the BMX riders attempted a barrel roll in his competition and broke his bike, but one of the other riders immediately lent him a bike and, on the replacement, he instantly landed it.

“The event brings riders together and they chat about it on Facebook afterwards.”

As a result of the success of the skate series, Mrs Wain is planning a smaller version for under-12s.

She said: “There is a lot of interest from our young riders. Some of them came along to spectate on Saturday and they like to show what they can do.

“Even the seven-year-olds who come to a improve each week get more confident and daring.”