MALMESBURY Victoria’s Hellenic League registered players could be facing an indefinite ban after the club resigned from the competition.

The Flying Monk Ground side took the decision to withdraw from the league in a bid to try to save the existence of the century old team.

However, Vics secretary Julie Exton claims that the club could be facing a fine of up to £2,000, money that they do not have, by the league.

She also said should the club fail to pay any fines placed upon them, the league are threatening to place all Malmesbury players registered with the Hellenic in sine die, which will prevent them from taking part in any FA sanctioned football until all footballing debts are cleared..

Hellenic League rules state: “A Club must notify the Company not later than 31st March each year of its intention to withdraw from the Competition at the end of that Playing Season. Failure to do so will make a Club liable to a fine in accordance with the Fines Tariff.”

Exton told the Advertiser: “We could be fined anywhere from £500 to £2,000 because we withdrew after the deadline.

“It is money we just don’t have but the Hellenic have told us that they will sine die all the players to try and get them to pay.

“I have spoken to the FA and they are going to have a meeting with the Hellenic League next week.”

Hellenic League general manager Brian King said that the league had yet to receive a formal resignation form from the club.

He also said, should the club confirm their resignation, any possible sanctions would be a decision for the league’s management board.

With the club withdrawing from the Hellenic League, they intend to play in the Wiltshire League next season, first team manager Gareth Davies and assistant Ady Roper have left the club and Exton is expecting the players to follow suit.

“We had to do what is right for us,” Davies said. “We spoke with the chairman and told them they had to do what was best for Malmesbury Victoria.

“Having started our management career in the Hellenic League we want to manage at the highest level we can.

“It is sad that we have left the club, but it is better that there is a Malmesbury Victoria Football Club than having no club at all.”

The club have been struggling financially for some time and have been hit hard by two winter floods, and it was only by donations that they were able to finish the campaign.

But with the season now over, the club have decided to ply their trade at a lower level to safeguard its future.

“We need to cut our cloth accordingly,” Exton said. “The positive is that we still have a club.

“Now we will regroup and rebuild and look to work our way back up the leagues.”