Six car sharers frustrated by rush-hour traffic and roadworks on their daily commute through Calne have written a letter asking local authorities to fix the problem.

The letter, sent to Calne Town Council, Wiltshire Council and MP James Gray, comes from six employees travelling from Chippenham and Calne to Pewsey.

It follows the latest set of roadworks, carried out by Wales and West Utilities on London Road last week, which caused long tailbacks.

Jennifer Thomas, 30, of Cepen Park North, one of those who signed the letter, said the aim was to highlight the roadworks problem so it could be fixed.

The letter, dated April 24, said: “We have noticed that for a number of months, there seem to be regular roadworks and temporary lights or areas of limited passing, which have a dramatic effect on our commute.

“A very small portion of the A4, just after the White Hart and Calne Antiques heading eastbound on the A4, was uncovered yesterday for works to be carried out.

“It took around 20-plus minutes to get through the queue which was just under one mile in length. However, as is a chronic and infuriating feature of roadworks in Calne – the queue on the eastbound side was nil.

“It is apparent that there is a total disregard for the road users and negligence in monitoring the effectiveness of provisional means put in place to facilitate the flow of traffic.”

Mrs Thomas, who has been travelling back and forth between Chippenham and Pewsey for a year, said her journey takes the best part of an hour even without traffic problems.

She said: “It makes what is already a long journey even longer. We obviously hope they will take on board what we’ve said. It does affect Calne as a town because it can put people off going there if they’re going to be held up in traffic all the time.

“It seems to be a recurring issue – we get through one set of road works and then there’s another.

“It obviously does affect people because the queues we have found ourselves in are 20 to 30 minutes long and that’s a lot of cars.”