CREATIVE Isambard School art pupils visited the Water Research Centre to meet energy organisations they are designing a series of posters for.

The eight Year 9 students were split into groups, when they visited the centre, in Frankland Road, and met representatives from water, waste, gas and other utilities groups.

They were asked to produce four different posters which will be used as part of promotional campaigns covering topics such as energy waste and renewable energy.

Art teacher Chrissie Kent said: “The kids absolutely loved the responsibility and it was such a brilliant experience for them. I was really impressed by how they went about everything.

“They weren’t fazed at all by approaching these businessmen to see exactly what they want the posters to be like.

“The pupils developed some doodles from the brief they were given which I’ll rework for WRC. “I’ll be working with the children all the way through that process so they are happy with the finished products. “This was such a great networking opportunity for the school and for the students and everyone was delighted with what our students produced.”

The posters should be completed next month and the students will receive a certificate and be able to add the work to their portfolios.

Jayne Matwiejczyk, from WRC, said: “We’ve received great feedback from the 300 people who attended and they said the children came up with fabulous ideas and we are looking forward to seeing their finished posters. “We’d briefed the pupils about what to expect and they really stood up to the challenge.

“We were delighted by how everything went and it was a pleasure to welcome such a good group of students.”