A MAN who burst through his ex-girlfriend’s bedroom window as she slept in the middle of the night has been jailed for 20 months.

Adam Stacey then attacked the woman, as she cowered in the bathroom, smashing her head against a wall and kicking her on the ground.

The attack came at the end of a month of violence where he attacked her on two other occasions as their relationship came to an end.

Rob Welling, prosecuting, said the 25-year-old and the woman had been together for about a year and a half and the relationship had been been punctuated with violence towards her.

On February 4 they were at her house sorting out the split when he turned violent, throwing her on to the bed and putting his hands round her throat.

When she eventually got away and tried to phone her mother he grabbed the handset from her, fearing she was calling the police, then broke the door key in the lock.

The matter was reported to the police but before they could speak to him he went to her home on the morning of March 8.

He arrived at about 10am with some beers and sat in the living room drinking them for about half an hour, pleading with her to have him back.

After a while he got angry and threatened to burn the house down, holding a lighter over her head and clicking it, before she shut herself in the bathroom.

He grabbed her phone and seeing a boy’s name on it said ‘You’re dead’ and threw her on to the sofa.

The threats left her so scared she jumped from a window and ran off and when later she returned she found he had he had smashed her mobile.

Mr Welling said she had become so anxious about what might happen one of her girlfriends was staying with her, sleeping in the same bed.

In the early hours of March 11 they were woken by the sound of him smashing his way through a bedroom window.

She again ran to the bathroom but he got in, grabbed her by the face and smashed her head on the wall.

He then kicked her while she was on the floor before grabbing the friend's iPhone and leaving.

Stacey, of Barbury Close, Moredon admitted hree counts of common assault, one of burglary and two of criminal damage.

The court heard that he had a history of violence and he had served prison terms in the past for assault.

Chris Smyth, defending, said the injuries were not serious in any of the assaults.

Jailing Stacey Judge Tim Mousley QC said: “Over a period of a few weeks you visited her on three separate occasions and committed assaults on each of them and damaged property on two of them and,on the burglary you broke your way in through a window.

“This was appalling behaviour towards her. She had done nothing to deserve it.”