Players, members and supporters of Trowbridge Rugby club having been letting the Twickenham victory sink in today with a celebratory barbecue at their Doric Park ground.

Manager Nobby Knight said he was up from 2am yesterday morning, sorting out tickets, going through the kit and double checking everything.

He said: “This morning has been surreal. The build-up of pressure has been released and today is going to be relaxing.

“It was all about the lads in the build-up. They got us there; they have done all the hard work. This is brilliant for the club and the community.

“No-one looked nervous. There were a lot of smiling faces and the atmosphere was fantastic.

"I was sat on my own in the management seat at the top all on my own and was watching different things from everyone else. Walking down onto the pitch with people grabbing and hugging me was a very proud moment.

“It was nice to see some of the older players brought to tears. They wanted it so bad for the lads.

"There was a lot of hugging and patting on backs. Words don’t have to be said.”

Fly-half Lloyd Davis said:”It has been non-stop but I made sure I enjoyed the day and took it all in. I treated it like any other game. At 22-12 we thought we were in control but it was such a close game. They (Leek) came all guns blazing.

“Walking out onto the pitch was one of the best memories. Sharing the day with all the guys and lifting the trophy together in front of all our supporters was amazing.

“We knew there was going to be a lot of supporters but we were surprised by the noise the made. The amount of people was overwhelming. To be able to win it for them as well as ourselves topped it off.”

President Mike James, who has been a member of the club since 1963, said: “We are still trying to come off Cloud Nine. I watched the game from the royal box, which was an experience in itself because every time I have come to Twickenham I have been high up in the stands.

“Leek were gaining more possession and territory than us, then we started scoring.

"I was at the 2003 World Cup and in terms of emotions; the last five minutes yesterday were right up there. The difference is this is my club.

“I have seen a lot of them grow up. If someone had told me years ago we would get to Twickenham and won, I would have never believed them.

“We met Leek before the game. Their club is similar to ours and we have made really good friends and we want to find a way of maintaining that friendship.”

Full-back Jackson Szabo said: “I have not had time to process everything. It is all a blur. We tried to keep level headed and enjoy the game.

“There weren’t any nerves. We knew it was our game as soon as we woke up. We felt really honoured to be there.

“The most emotional point was before the game. We had a little huddle and Sean Jones explained it was his last game which got everyone going.

“The reaction from the crowd was incredible. There were so many people we represented. So many people gave up so much of their time so we 22 players could have that opportunity.

Shane Johnstone said: “I hope this put Trowbridge on the map and gives younger players and people interested in taking up rugby something to aspire to.”

Captain Matt Howard, who is marrying Amy Rush in five weeks and will have the reception at the club, said: “Today has been really nice to catch up with people we didn’t get to see on the day.

“Yesterday was a really proud moment for all the team. Many people have come to Twickenham to watch Bath or England but coming in on the coach was something special.

"We all said that Guildford was the final and Twickenham was the prize.

"It was a really good game between two of the best teams in the country at this level.

"This is my third year as captain and it has been my best by far.”