The villages of Bromham and Rowde will be a riot of red for the anniversary of the outbreak of World War One in August as the result of an initiative set in train by the head teacher at St Nicholas Primary School in Bromham.

Hilary McMeekin, who has been head since September last year, was prompted to plant as many poppies as possible after seeing news of a similar initiative in Kent.

She told the Gazette: “I read in social media that a Royal British Legion branch in Kent was planting poppies to commemorate the outbreak of war in 1914.

“I thought it was a lovely idea to have a wash of Flanders poppies in our area in time for the commemoration.”

The school was able to take advantage of a link-up between the Royal British Legion and B&Q to donate £1 to the charity for every packet of poppy seeds sold. The school’s friends association bought enough to plant the school grounds and give each child a packet to take home to plant there.

The authorities at St Nicholas Church joined in and poppies have been planted in a cross shape in the church grounds. And then the idea spread to neighbouring Rowde.

Mrs McMeekin said: “We shared the idea with Rowde Academy so now both villages will be awash with poppies by August.”