A MILITARY HGV narrowly avoided a serious collision on the A361 yesterday afternoon when it swerved off the road, through oncoming traffic, and into an adjacent field.

The vehicle, which was carrying cargo and a cherry picker, with a trailer towed behind is thought to belong to the army.

Wiltshire Police responded to a call at 12.41pm, when a two-vehicle road traffic collision was reported three miles north of the Honda plant in South Marston.

The HGV was travelling northbound when its trailer began to snake across the road. It is believed the driver, in an attempt to correct the movement, swerved too aggressively and left the road on the far side.

The second vehicle, which did not stop was forced to evade the HGV. It is not known if it was travelling southbound in the opposite direction or behind the HGV.

There were no injuries, but debris was scattered across the road and skid marks made by the military transporter’s tyres.The HGV was recovered by a tractor later.