Kingston House in Derry Hill will use a £135 cheque from Chippenham’s Waitrose store to take residents out on day trips in the care home’s minibus.

Staff at the care home, in Lansdowne Crescent East, were thrilled to receive the money after applying for a grant through the store’s Community Matters scheme.

In the past they have taken residents to the Rowdey Cow, near Devizes, to Savernake Forest and to Chippenham’s town bridge.

Receptionist Linda Summer’s 23-year-old son John works at the store.

She said: “He came home one day and said ‘we’re doing Community Matters, do you want to have a look?’ When you finish at the till you’re given a coin and you select the one you would like to give money to.

“Waitrose have been marvellous. It’s refreshing that they help the little organisations. Our next trip is an afternoon tea dance in the town hall at Calne. It’s just about getting them out and about in the community.”