Scout veteran Alan Strong is trying to track down the family of First World War soldier David Dougan, after finding a memorial bookmark in a Bible a jumble sale.

Mr Strong, 83, of Burbage Road in Easton Royal, found the bookmark in a King James Bible at a Scouts sale about eight years ago.

The president of the North East Wiltshire Scouts said: “The Bible didn’t sell and, when we were tidying up at the end, I saw it and thought it was too nice to throw away, so I kept it.

“People don’t really make bookmarks when their loved ones die anymore, but it used to be something that people would hand out at funerals to remember the person by.”

Mr Dougan, a driver in the Royal Field Artillery, died of malarial fever at the age of 19, on October 27, 1918. His parents lived in Kilmarnock.

Mr Strong, who has been with the Scouts for 52 years, said: “With the First World War commemorations coming up, I thought whoever it belonged to might want it back.”

Anyone with news of the Dougan family can call Mr Strong on (01672) 810282.