WHATEVER happens at the local elections on May 22, residents of Shaw will have a new councillor representing them from the next day.

The seat currently held by Garry Perkins is up for grabs as this year as he is standing for election in the Haydon Wick ward, so someone new will be filling his shoes.

For whoever takes over, there are a number of concerns residents will want them to tackle. At the top of that list is congestion, a problem set to worsen with the building of the Ridgeway Farm housing development.

Kevin Fisher, the chairman of the non-party political Shaw Residents’ Association, said: “The most important thing for any councillor in Shaw is to push for the extension to Thamesdown Drive so it links with the B&Q roundabout.

“Congestion is already very bad, with the Mead Way Roundabout being very busy. Once the Ridgeway Farm development is occupied this problem is only going to get worse.

“It is so important that whoever joins the council pushes because the link road would improve this situation. We would also want any councillor to help ensure that with all the development in and around the area, such as the proposed Aldi store, there is adequate parking.

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Kevin Fisher, left, says road congestion and West Swindon Library’s future will be major issues for whoever is elected

Litter is also something which Kevin would like to see tackled. He has come up with a solution which he wants introduced.

He said: “I would like to see a litter bin put next to each bus stop. They are areas where litter can gather and by definition they are easily accessible.

“We also want to see a safe pedestrian crossing put across Swinley Drive. There are also no allotments in West Swindon so I would like to see them pushed as well.”

Another issue which the Residents’ Association say is vital for councillors to ensure, is the future of the West Swindon Library, which is located in the Link Centre.

If the leisure centre can no longer house it, then any new councillor should push for it to go somewhere which is the same size, if not bigger.

Shaw, which stretches from Eastleaze up to Peatmoor and Sparcells, has three councillors, all belonging to the Conservative Party, who won their seats at the 2012 local election.

Shaw Candidates:

Steph EXELL    Labour
James FARR   Liberal Democrat
Ken KIMBER   Green Party
Mary MARTIN   Conservative
Richard SYMONDS  Independent
Chris TYLER   UK Independence Party

Turnout in 2012 elections: 29 per cent