Police have said they do not believe two flashers seen in Malmesbury in the last month, who match a similar description, are the same person, however they are not ruling out the possibility.

Sergeant Martin Alvis, of Malmebury Police, said officers were currently investigating reports of a man seen wearing nothing but stockings and suspenders in an open sliding side door of a white van parked at the roadside of the B4040 last Monday between Malmesbury and Charlton.

The man is described as being white and in his 40s.

It is thought this is a different man to the white male in his 40s who stripped naked in Cancer Research’s charity shop in Malmesbury last month, although police have not ruled out the possibility that the incidents are linked.

Sgt Alvis said that the witness who saw the roadside flasher said the offender ‘looked similar’ to the description, but that they were not sure.

“There were some similarities but we are not saying it’s the same person,” Sgt Alvis said.