Fear over a review of parking in Wiltshire has led to Devizes Town Council setting up a working party to express its concerns.

Town councillors were concerned that, as a result of the Wiltshire Council review, Devizes would lose more parking spaces.

The consultation document states its intention to “use parking controls as a means of managing traffic, improving environmental quality or encouraging the use of sustainable transport modes”.

Coun Jeff Ody said: “Parking is parking and not a tool to manage traffic and improve environmental quality. Parking in Devizes taken as a whole works rather well and I strongly object to it being used as a way to achieve environmental objectives.”

But Coun Nigel Carter said a change of policy could benefit the town.

He said: “I feel very strongly that a change of policy to encourage more parking in Station Road by giving motorists a preferential rate would help. The cost of parking down there exceeds the income of people on the minimum wage.”

Councillors set up a working party of councillors Andy Geddes and Ted East to come up with a response on behalf of the town council to the consultation.