AS ONE of the newer wards in Swindon, Priory Vale is a predominately residential area covering areas such as Taw Hill and Oakhurst.

Because of this, many of the issues the councillor who wins next Thursday’s local election will have to deal with will be those that are most important to people’s every day lives – from parking to recycling.

Resident Marie Percival, of Taw Hill, said while she likes the area, there is work for the councillors to do.

She said: “We are very lucky because we do live in a very nice place.

“There are some issues but, on the whole, Priory Vale is a lovely place.

“What I think needs looking at is the parking in the area.

“Predominantly it is inconsiderate parking which is the problem.

“People park at the side of the road because it is easier for them.

“With the narrow and winding roads, as soon as a delivery lorry or something wider comes along, it creates problems.

“I believe the roads were made with bends to stop the traffic from speeding but when there are cars along the side it makes it very difficult.

“I know the problem is especially bad in Oakhurst.

“What I would also like to see is more being done to keep the area tidy.

“A lot of the shrubs and bushes in the area have been left to grow out of control.We could do with more dog bins.”

On the same day as the local elections, European Elections are taking place to decide six representatives for the south west.

Marie wants them to fight to try and secure funding so the north of the town has improved links to the M4.

She said: “As it stands there does not appear to be money coming at a national level so I think it would have to come from Europe.

“The link would make a huge difference to the economy of North Swindon.

“At the moment there is a bottleneck, with Shaw having to deal with the brunt of the traffic.

“If there was a smooth flow of traffic I think it would perhaps make North Swindon a more attractive option to businesses to set up, which would benefit everyone.”

A possible factor at these elections is apathy from voters.

In 2012, the ward had the lowest turnout in Swindon, at just 23 per cent. What those who did choose to vote did deliver was a definite comfortable margin for all of the three Conservative candidates.

Michelle AGOSTINO (Labour)
Emma FARAMARZI (Conservative)
Margaret HOOPER (Liberal Democrat)
Balbir Singh VIRIK (UK Independence Party)

2012 election turnout: 23 per cent (8618)

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