Visitors are always welcome to join mid Wilts Video Society evenings and quite a number of well-informed visitors arrived to listen to Paul Moran of the Devizes Video Club’s presentation on The B36 and Lacock.

Russian intrigue, happening even today in the tussle over Crimea and the Ukraine, underlined his fascinating tale of American Cold War development of the enormous B36 Peacemaker aircraft and associated weaponry.

The talk was illustrated by still photographs of the brute and archive film.

Video of Paul personally excavating the site near Lacock where a B36 had crashed in 1953 was shown and he brought a small souvenir of the dig, an aluminium strap which holds the oil cooler to the engine, to the meeting.

Paul ‘digs’ the internet as well, finding film and stills charting the career the B36 aircraft which had 10 engines, and could stay aloft for a couple of days. Fuel usage and noise were enormous.

Coming up in future is a talk on Viral Advertising. See www.midwiltsvideo