A legacy worth over £28,000 will make a huge difference to Calne’s Community Transport Group, as it is enough to buy a new bus.

The group runs two buses which provide transport for the elderly and disabled, but because it is run by volunteers it relies on donations to keep them going.

The legacy, left by Dr Olive Sharp who worked at the Northlands Surgery, will help replace one of the buses which is uneconomical to run.

Dr Sharp, who died in 2012, was a popular GP and set up a health centre at Broken Cross in Calne before moving to work at the Northlands Surgery.

Calne’s new mayor Heather Canfer is part of the Calne Community Transport Group and said Dr Sharp used to write the group a cheque every year.

She said: “Everyone knows her, she was very generous.

"We will be able to replace one of our buses which has cost us a lot of money lately in repairs.”