NO stone will be left unturned in the search of the pond in Ramsbury where boots belonging to murdered Sian O’Callaghan were found as police begin to drain it today.

The investigation into the murder case of Becky Godden-Edwards has been revitalised under the fresh eyes of Detective Chief Inspector Sean Memory, and in recent weeks discoveries at Ramsbury and a remote field in Eastleach have thrown up vital new clues.

Police are now working under the theory that 22-year-old Sian was killed at the site by Chris Halliwell, who is currently serving a life sentence for her murder.

Diving teams at the pond in Ramsbury will continue their searches today, and plan to drain the pond to ensure nothing has been missed.

During the first day of investigations at the site last Friday, two boots and a rusty shotgun were recovered from the murky waters.

Thorough searches of the area by police divers from Avon and Somerset Police, specialist cadaver dogs from South Wales and a team of 30 officers, have continued through the weekend and into this week.

While drainage of the pond will hopefully unearth any remaining clues which may be hidden beneath the water, police say that will not necessarily mark the end of their efforts in the area.

Dog teams and search officers are continuing to scour the undergrowth in the area for new clues.

A spokesman for Wiltshire Police said: “Officers from the Major Crime Investigation Team continue their search in and around a pond in Ramsbury.

“The specialist dive team from Avon and Somerset will continue their efforts at the scene today when they will drain the pond and conduct further searches.

“Searches by police officers and cadaver dogs are also continuing.

“Hilldrop Lane remains closed and diversions are in place.”

Wiltshire Police have insisted this latest effort is simply to ensure every avenue has been explored in the extensive search before enquiries at the scene can be closed.

“It is not that the drainage and search will definitely take the day tomorrow, but this is going to be the next step in the search of the pond,” the spokesman added.

“This is simply a case of making sure we are being as thorough as we possibly can be – we do not necessarily expect to find anything at this stage.

“The diving team will be draining the water themselves and then conducting a search of the bottom of the pond.”