A man called police in Chippenham on Saturday to say he had almost run over some naked men in the road.

Tony Davis was driving along West Cepen Way, between Bumpers Farm and McDonald's, when he saw five men with their trousers down.

When police asked Mr Davis for a description, he told them: “There’s not much to go on, they’re not wearing any clothes.”

Mr Davis, of Calne, works as a security officer and was driving between jobs at about 11.35pm.

He called police because he was worried about the men’s safety on the 60mph -limit road.

He told the Gazette: “All five of them were naked on the bottom half with their trousers around their ankles.

“Two of them were on the road, trying to get attention, and the others were in the layby. There weren’t any girls with them. 

“I had to swerve to go around them but there wasn’t any traffic on the other side of the road.”

Police went to the scene and gave the men, said to be in their 20s, words of advice.